Nutritional Therapy

A nutritional therapist can assess your diet and lifestyle and advise on supplementation and suspected deficiencies or imbalances that may be effecting you.

They will offer eating plans that are formulated specifically for your body’s metabolism and detail the foods that may help or worsen any conditions you may have. They will also advise you on anything that you are eating, taking or using in your everyday life which may be contributing to any conditions you may have.

Nutritional Therapists will work very differently to each other, depending on their training and also, to a degree, their beliefs. Some who advocate veganism, for example, will often advise you along that path. It is important you seek the right nutritional therapist for you, for example one who reflects your beliefs.

Both Dani and Beth are both believers that everyone is individual and not one approach will suit everyone. So their advice will always be bespoke to you and your lifestyle. They are very open to and accepting of anyone’s decision on what they eat, as long as it is not doing their body harm! Dani works in a guided and intuitive way, often using energy testing techniques such as kinesiology to assess the body’s needs and allergies, whereas Beth has a more scientific approach with her sessions following a more formal consultation basis. Both are able to offer hair mineral analysis testing if this is felt necessary. Dani will generally work with Beth to assist in writing and understanding the report, and your follow-up consultation will be with your original nutritional therapist.