Reiki Tuition (Attunements)

Reiki Tuition is by Dani.

An attunement is a kind of ritual whereby your Chakras (or spiritual energy centres) are balanced and you are connected to the Reiki source. This connection will be permanent and will allow you to channel Reiki Healing in order to give healing to yourself and others. It is a little like giving you a key to unlock a door.

The following are levels are offered in the traditional Reiki style, Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho.

Reiki I is the first level of Reiki. It will enable you to channel healing energy to yourself and friends and family. You are unable to practice Reiki professionally at this point. Cost £120.

Reiki II
is the second level of Reiki. At this level you will be attuned to work with symbols which will enable you to channel healing to the past, present and future, over distance and particularly into the emotional body. Along with insurance, you are able to practice professionally at this level. Cost £200 (£175 returning students)

Reiki Master/Teacher
is the third level of Reiki. This level enables you to pass on all attunements, including the master/teacher level, to others. You are attuned to an additional symbol in which to be able to do this. Cost £300 (£250 returning students)
NOTE: Some teachers will tell you it is the forth level, and there is an interim 3rd level. This is not so. It is exactly the same attunement that is used only the knowledge of being able to pass the attunements on is held back at the so-called third level! In my experience his is for one of two reasons. Either to make more money, or to protect the teacher catchment area. Both reasons I disagree with as I believe Reiki needs to be passed around with love and light to the more the merrier! Also I believe that people need to find their own teacher, the right one for them, and the more teachers that are about the more choice there is!

What will happen in my Attunement?

My in-person Reiki Healing attunements include a full Reiki Healing session, training and discussion on the manual. They usually last about 1 hour-5 hours, depending on the branch of Reiki and level of attunement. The actual attunement only lasts for about 5-15 minutes, again depending on the level and type of Reiki. You sit quietly for this with your eyes closed while I perform the attunement on you. The reason the sessions are a lot longer is because of the training I will give you. Once you are attuned you will perform your first healing session on me to encourage the Reiki flow and to give you confidence to perform yourself. During this healing I will guide you and you will be able to ask as many questions as you like!