Our fully insured and qualified therapists are ready to welcome you to our new therapy room!

Our spacious therapy room is located above Shop Holistic in a quiet, warm and cosy room with a lovely large velux window offering natural light. It is equipped and decorated with your relaxation and well-being in mind – from the grounding and natural colour scheme, to the pure wool carpet, Himalayan salt lamps, consciously placed crystals and soft lighting, there is even a powerfully healing sacred geometry image of Metatron’s Cube and the Flower of Life situated behind your head when you are lying on the massage couch!
We have a comfortable consultation area with 2 wicker chairs in case you bring along a friend or partner, and we provide a coat rack and a screen for privacy if you need to undress for your therapy. Filtered water with lemon is
provided for your refreshment during your appointment and after your therapy.

We can play a choice of music for your therapy session. We have a variety of melodic relaxation tracks to relax your body, mind and soul, a selection of chanting and temple music, natural sounds with no music, or of course you can simply relax and enjoy the peace!

There is a waiting area for your convenience, with comfy chairs and Natural Health magazines to browse should you need to wait for your appointment.