By Danielle (Holistic Dani):

Kinesiology & Natural Health Consultations
(combined Nutritional Therapy & Kinesiology)

Initial Consultation – to 1hr –  £35
First Kinesiology Session & Assessment – up to 2hrs – £65
Follow-up Sessions  – up to 1.5 hours – £50
+ £10 per 30minutes extra. The price and what is included will be determined at your consultation, and usually agreed together in advance.

Kinesiology ‘MOT’ check – 1hour – £40
An ‘express’ version of the full consultation where most common deficiencies, toxicities, sensitivities and other problems are tested for!

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis:

1 x Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
1 x Full Consultation (approx 2hrs) with Kinesiology session, allergy/parasite/candida checks, and time to go through the results together.

1 x Initial Consultation including preliminary kinesiology checks (parasites/candida/allergy)
1 x Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with full report
1 x Full Consultation with Kinesiology session and to go through the results (approx. 2hrs depending on the results)
See the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis information page for full information of the packages

Reflexology – 1hr  –  £35

Reiki – 1hr –  £35

Reiki Tuition up to Master/Teacher level – approx 5-6hrs  1-2-1 tuition

Reiki I (personal use, family & friends) –  £120
Reiki II (professional level) – £200 (£175 returning student)
Reiki Master/Teacher – £300 (£250 returning student)

Emotional Release Work with Reiki – up to 1 hour 30 minutes  –  £50

Angel Card Guidance Readings – up to 1 hour –  £35

Therapeutic Massage
This is offered at present as a student in the absence of Beth’s services (all practical assessments have been completed). 

Specific areas – 30-40 mins – £25
Back, Neck & Shoulder; Legs & Feet (not reflexology); Arms & Hands; Face & Neck

2 specific areas – 1hr – £40

PLEASE NOTE: Follow-up sessions may be charged depending on what is needed, this will be discussed and agreed in advance if it exceeds £40. Sometimes sessions will last shorter or longer than expected due to the work needed at the time. Any times are approximate and price ranges given take this into account, giving the minimum and maximum price to ensure you are charged fairly.


By Beth (Bee Holistic):

Beth is not taking any bookings at present as is on maternity leave.